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Here’s why health and fitness experts, entrepreneurs, photographers, families, and artists all love it here.

Entrepreneurs can Spend some quality think-tank time by the ocean.

  • Enjoy a ready-for-business office with secure, wireless internet access, stereo system, and a private entrance to the beach.
  • Organize an intimate Health and fitness, Cooking, Photography or Desire Mapping Retreat. Additional guests can stay at one of the lovely, friendly hotels just minutes away. The realaxing,and stunning atmosphere will amaze and instantly ease your guests. Spend an entire week kayaking, SUP boarding, scuba diving, resting, reading, swimming, yoga, running, fermenting, cooking, writing, retreating and doing nothing at all. World-class bars and spas are always nearby.
  • Cook up food for ideas in the chef’s kitchen, featuring every appliance needed,(yes there is a Vitamix.) to create the perfect organic-gourmet meal. There’s an organic farm nearby.

Kick back in a romantic, grown-up/kid hybrid paradise.

  • Intimate enough for family—but not so intimate everyone can’t do their own thing. You can fall asleep on the deck, and let some sun into your soul. In the evenings, light up the fireplace, fit for marshmallows, lovers, and marshmallow-lovers.
  • Enjoy a children’s playhouse, swing and slide set, and a particularly buoyant trampoline.
  • Give your inner artist a little company.

    Reclaim your creative heritage in comfort—either on the chaise or on the cedar deck. Bay windows and ocean views provide the perfect backdrop to losing oneself in thought. Whether you come alone or with kindred spirits, your inner artist is never alone. And then there are the artists in town.

    When to visit?

    My favorite time of year here is summer.
    We spend afternoons exploring the beach and collecting fresh oysters. There’s almost always a breeze. It is colorful, green and warm It feels comfortable, happy. It’s almost magical. The kids play soccer in the grass. We might make our way into town to see the artists’ studios and to visit one of the many sandy beaches nearby. Or, we might wander down to the Marina on the dock of Schooner Cove, three minutes away, where we get live crab from our fisherman friend, Kim. With a little planning, we can invite our friends over for a fresh oyster and crab dinner, served with the famous Nanoose Edibles nutritional greens, whose farm is just around the corner.

    Other seasons feel happy here, too. Spring is cool, sunny, full of color, naturally. You’ll spot plenty of wildlife—eagles, whales, harbor seals, sea lions. You might even get caught in the rain. Fall is warm. Green and orange leaves everywhere, impossibly beautiful. Winter sometimes brings snow. The air is cool and damp. Beautiful ocean storms come and they will take your breath away.

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