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10 Great Hostess & Party-Planning Tips

Theme – Having a theme is very helpful. Just one word can help you get the inspiration you need. Example: Beach, Blue, White, Medieval! It does not need to be complicated. It just needs to inspire you. Invitees – Getting the right friends together to create a fun atmosphere takes extra care and planning. Example: […]

Top 10 Things to do in Nanaimo, BC

Centrally located on Vancouver Island, Nanaimo can lay claim to a colourful and interesting past as a Hudson’s Bay Company fort. Valuable coal was discovered in the mid-1800s and mined from rich seams in the area for the burgeoning colonies of Vancouver Island, British Columbia and the rest of the British Empire. 1. Taking a […]

Top 10 Things to do in Victoria, B.C.

1. The capital city of Victoria is a beautiful 1.5 – 2 hour drive from Nanoose Bay. You can easily make this a day trip, returning to your oceanfront sanctuary in the evening. Start out early in the morning on the Island Highway, pausing for a fresh pastry and coffee at about the halfway point […]

The only business plan for my right brain

I love recommending things that have helped me along the way. And for The Right Brain Business Plan, what better way than to tell you all what I told Jenn Lee, the course creator: I thought the whole course was terrific, I loved doing the vision board work and felt it helped me create the […]

Fun at the beach!

Family fun at the house, to walk out the door and go beach combing, swim, and then eat smores at the camp fire. What more could you wish for as a kid!

Another thank you!

Seth Godin- his books guided me, and helped me, become a better business women! Seth’s books are a must read, if you want to be a leader in the world of marketing today.

The food

Seven great places to eat in the area: 1) I love the Urban Beet Food Co – yummy, tasty and fresh. They offer a special menu of fantastic meals that have only 450 calories. The fresh turkey burger and quinoa beet salad is my favourite! The incredible desserts are made in-house by their own pastry […]