a love story

Everyone who visits this place invariably feels the love.

This is exactly what they say. “You can really feel the love here.” Complete strangers report feeling warm and understood. It happens all the time.

And not by accident, I believe.

I’m Marlies Venier. Certified Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach, Loving kindness expert and Yoga teacher.

Oh, and former assistant casting director. Modeling was actually my first career, but it didn’t take long for me to find my loyalty to good food ran deeper. So, I worked my way up through the Vancouver movie industry, from talent agent to agency owner, where I found I had a knack for connecting people with just the thing they were looking for.

There is nothing I love more than creating delightful, memorable experiences for others. After my husband, Todd, and I found and rebuilt this place, we spent seven years here, blissfully raising our three adventure-loving children, before moving to Canada’s wine country, Kelowna, British Columbia. This place was such a gift to us—one I am honored to now share with you.

Go ahead. Retreat yourself.

The family who lived on this property before mine spent fifty years here, raising their children and grandchildren, filling the walls with love, memories, resonance. Their children and their grandchildren experienced the same joy of freedom my children did.

When we decided to develop this property, we wanted that sense of history to stay with the place. So, when the original home was rebuilt, a central pillar was left intact. Once the heart of their home, it has become the heart of ours. And now yours.

Go ahead. Retreat yourself.