10 Great Hostess & Party-Planning Tips

  1. Theme – Having a theme is very helpful. Just one word can help you get the inspiration you need. Example: Beach, Blue, White, Medieval! It does not need to be complicated. It just needs to inspire you.

  2. Invitees – Getting the right friends together to create a fun atmosphere takes extra care and planning. Example: if you know someone really does not enjoy the company of another, it is better to not to bring them together at the same event.

  3. Gift – With a theme in mind, a small, thoughtful take-home memento or arranging a fun moment is a nice way to say good night. Example: for a beach party, it could be a shell or a pebble from the beach. Have each guest hold it and focus on an intention for themselves or for someone special. After they have had a moment to set their intention, get them to toss the shell or pebble (which now has the energy of the intention) into the ocean to represent a channel opening up for the intention to manifest itself.

    You get the idea! Another example is just having beautiful value cards available and, when a guest leaves, you have them focus their thoughts on an intention or get them to ask themselves to reflect on their day and what they need more of in their life at this moment. Then pick a card!

  4. Music – Make sure you have a mix of great songs. When dinner is served, the music should be a little lower and comforting. Example: Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin are always a hit and, if your mother-in-law is there, you are sure to please.

  5. Food – If possible, have as much of the food prepared as possible. Having you running around is not pleasant for anyone. My favorite trick is to cater everything other than the main dish. On the other hand, some of my best memories are from evenings when we girls (or guys!) are getting the food together and cleaning up. The laughing and conversations that take place create a very relaxed atmosphere.

  6. Host – A host should be able to spend time welcoming, talking and enjoying the evening with the guests, which allows everyone to relax and have fun. I cannot tell you how important this is for the success of your party. (See #5 above.)

  7. Drinks – Having a cocktail that is a hit adds to the theme, gets folks talking and tasting. Example: Mojitos are always a hit! Remember to offer interesting non-alcoholic drinks for those who prefer them and still want to be “part of the party.”

  8. Decorations – I believe in “less is more.” It also depends on the theme. White tablecloths are my standard with small low vases with flowers to go along with the theme — white, pink, blue! Mix and match enough chairs for everyone to sit around the table if it is a sit-down dinner.

  9. Children – If children are going to be at the party, making sure they can join in on the activity planned is fun for them. We recently had a Bocci tournament and the children could team up with their parents if they chose to. Having hot dogs before the adult meal is a really good idea! This year, I got huge, beautifully decorated cupcakes for each child to have after dinner. No messy cake to clean up!

  10. Appreciation – It is an honour to have friends and family to serve and share your time with. Open your heart and feel the love. That’s what folks take home with them and remember long after the party is over!

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