Where do you find inspiration?

By the seaside? Beneath the evergreens?

Inspiration has a way of finding you here, in Nanoose Bay, Vancouver Island, where 11 private acres of beach, evergreens, and trails furnish every luxury required for the proper care and feeding of the thinker’s soul.

It’s impossible to run out of room—or inspiration—in this classic, Nantucket-style, four-bedroom, 4,000-square-foot seaside retreat, tucked away on a secluded beach near endless meandering trails, sharing epic views with eagles and seals.

Won’t you come in? See why entrepreneurs and families feel an almost instantaneous sense of peace in this place. (And why you just might, too.)

A few of the qualities waiting to be uncovered in this exclusive seaside retreat:

  • Productivity. Spend some quality think-tank time by the ocean. Enjoy wireless internet access, a ready-for-business office with its own private entrance to the beach.
  • Spaciousness. High ceilings; shabby-chic-meets-the-Hamptons interiors; wide-plank, white-oak-stained-dark flooring; exposed beams; marble countertops; travertine.
  • Inspiration. A cedar deck that hugs the water as closely as a yacht’s prow.
  • Delight. A chef’s kitchen featuring every appliance needed to create the perfect organic- gourmet meal; a nearby organic farm;
  • Creativity. Bay windows; ocean views; enough space for up to eight artists and writers to lose themselves in their thoughts.
  • Love. A fireplace fit for marshmallows, lovers, and marshmallow-lovers.
  • Vitality. Gym; infrared sauna; yoga mats.
  • Fun. Kayaking; some of the best scuba-diving in the world; a children’s playhouse; swing and slide set; and a particularly buoyant trampoline.

Find yourself here.

When to visit?

My favorite time of year here is summer.

We spend afternoons exploring the beach and collecting fresh oysters. There’s almost always a breeze. It is colorful, green and warm It feels comfortable, happy. It’s almost magical. The kids play soccer in the grass. We might make our way into town to see the artists’ studios and to visit one of the many sandy beaches nearby. Or, we might wander down to the Marina on the dock of Schooner Cove, three minutes away, where we get live crab from our fisherman friend, Kim. With a little planning, we can invite our friends over for a fresh oyster and crab dinner, served with the famous Nanoose Edibles nutritional greens, whose farm is just around the corner.

Other seasons feel happy here, too. Spring is cool, sunny, full of color, naturally. You’ll spot plenty of wildlife—eagles, whales, harbor seals, sea lions. You might even get caught in the rain. Fall is warm. Green and orange leaves everywhere, impossibly beautiful. Winter sometimes brings snow. The air is cool and damp. Beautiful ocean storms come and they will take your breath away.

Find yourself here.